UCOSP FlightSim Term Report

December 12, 2009

Great jobs team!

During this semester, I’ve had a very pleasant experience with the flight simulator project and the 6 people team we had. For each week, the goal was clear, the help was there, the communication was well carried out, and the whole team was productive. I want to point out that even though we were separated into 3 groups in 3 different locations, the net and phone meetings were very helpful and the frequency of twice per week was adequate. But most importantly, many thanks to our boss – the IBM people – for their time and effort in meeting with us and helping us out when we needed.

At the beginning of the term, we split ourselves into 2 sectors: Diane and I decided to work on the graphical indicators, and the other 4 people were to design the scenarios. So my main contributions are as follows:

  1. Designed different types of graphical indicators, at the end we decided to implement two types: dial and break down bar.
  2. Implemented the break down bar, which is useful for integrating and comparing multiple values being monitored.
  3. Created examples for the indicator.
  4. Documented on the indicator action that we implemented. Details can be found here. Procedure on how to create a new type of indicator is on the bottom of this documentation, so future contributors can add more useful means of representing data values.

Here are the files that I worked on:

For more details about this project, please check out the wiki.